Day Headlines in Shopping news: 2013-11-29

  • Daily chart: Supped full with clicks (The Economist Online Shopping 2013-11-29 14:14:21)
    Grocery shopping is finally going onlineWHEN Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt visited London this week, he gushed that Britain led the world in many online trends. His audience at Chatham House, a fancy foreign policy club, seemed taken by surprise. Mr Schmidt (who serves on The Economist Group’s board of directors) might well have presented a chart from this week’s issue. According to Datamonitor, the nation of shopkeepers leads in online grocery shopping. This is surprising, since the next-hungriest web shoppers, South Korea and Japan, are more connected and hyper-urban; one might have presumed that they would order more. In America, the share of online grocery purchases is a third of Britain’s level. Wooing clicks is sensible. The Boston Consulting Group notes that shoppers who become online converts spend 30% more. (See the full article in this week's edition.)